Being on either end of erectile dysfunction, whether you are the man or the women in a relationship is a terrible thing. Ignoring the problem of impotence often escalates the problem. Left untreated the condition leads to more difficulties in the relationship. Recognizing the early warning signs of erectile dysfunction (ed) can lead to an effective solution.

Often men who experience ed have trouble controlling their true feelings. They may have been hurt by a partner in a present or past relationship and do not recognize the effect this pain of the past has on them. Some men think that simply taking ed drugs like Cialis or Viagra and then making women fear them in the bedroom will solve their problems of impotence or even earn them respect from the women. This isn't true. Learning to talk about impotence is normally the right thing to do.

Impotence. It's the general inabilty of a man to get an erection and it's a major issue facing today's men. Millions are threatened, suffer or even fail to recognize ed each year. If you're a man between the ages of 20 and 84, you face the highest risk of being the victim of erectile dysfunction. Some of the warning signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction may be:

At the same time, statistics from the USA show that by the early 1990's the incidence of impotence in younger men reached unparalleled levels in American society.

There is no single explanation for the overall rise in ed in younger US men. Many different factors cause erectile dysfunction. The more you recognize the impotence warning factors that may be present in your life, the more likely you are to seek treatment.

How to Recognize Erectile Dysfunction
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