A Faster Working Erectile Dysfunction drug to compete with Viagra
Writer - Clinton Cybart

The latest erectile dysfunction drug for men that has yet to be approved by the U.S. FDA has gone on sale in the UK.
The drug sold as Cialis - is billed as a technologically-superior arch rival to Viagra and was launched in London with a fanfare of publicity by its American makers, a which is a joint collaboration between pharmaceutical firm Eli Lilly and the biotechnology company Icos.
The makers of Cialis boast that their new anti-impotence pill starts to work faster and also lasts longer than Pfizer's Viagra.

What has become apparent from all clinical trials is that the Cialis drug allows men after following sexual stimulation to achieve an erection when he or his partner chooses for up to 36 hours, said a Lilly UK company spokesman.
Cialis is available only on prescription, and costs around $60 for a pack of four tablets, Cialis is a faster working erectile dysfunction drug and is believed to start having an effect after just 18 minutes.

In stark comparison, the typical Viagra user must wait for around an hour or 2 after swallowing the famous blue pill, while the drug's effects only last for three to four hours.

Cialis gained approval from authorities in the UK & Europe in November 2002, whilst some production problems resulted in delaying of the drug's launch until now.

Both Cialis and Viagra work by blocking a natural enzyme named PDE5 to increase blood flow to the penis during sexual intercourse.

Cialis's promoters are very confident the drug will eventually go on sale in the US late in 2003.

What is clearly at stake is the multi billion-dollar market for erctile dysfunction. Pfizer earned $1.8bn from worldwide sales of Viagra during 2001.
Cialis is certainly going to compete with pfizer's Viagra, in addition the new faster working will place the famous blue pills status as the world's most famous anti-impotence medication under threat.

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