Erectile Dysfunction
(Dr Barry Crosby)

Impotence affects about one in six men at some time in our lives. But what does having 'male impotence' really mean?
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So What is it?
There are a handy few pointers to the condition. First, doctors usually consider erectile dysfunction to be 'clinical' - meaning an illness in need of treatment - normally after the  symptoms have lasted for more than a few months.

This kind of impotence is caused as a result of changes to the body chemistry, which doesn't simply happen overnight. In fact, erectile dysfunction frequently comes on so slowly that most men have great difficulty noticing the change. It is important that you recognize the early warning signs of erectile dysfunction in order to commence a prompt treatment plan for the condition.

Although this condition (erectile dysfunction) commonly called impotence, is more frequently occurring in middle aged men (males older than 63), it really can happen at any age. An occasional episode of erectile dysfunction happens to tens of millions of men worldwide and is the norm rather than the exception. As a man becomes older, it is common knowledge that he should anticipate some changes in erectile functioning. The erections might take longer to occur, may not be as hard or could require more direct sexual stimulation for it to be achieved. Some Men will begin to notice that their orgasms are lacking in intensity, and that the volume of the ejaculate is reduced and with the recovery time increasing between each ocurrence of the erection.

Severe Impotence symptoms
In cases of severe impotence, men can feel that they're quite useless; that their relationships are a waste of time; or that they must have been guilty of something horrible. It's very common for men to feel they can't face the day, to wish you didn't have to wake up in the morning, or even to feel like ending a relationship. Confiding in Your partner about erectile dysfunction doesn't make it more likely that they'll think less of You. If possible, learn to talk about impotence with your partner as it can benefit you both, try to let that someone special in Your life know how the condition makes you feel. "I'm going through a dreadful patch" usually can be enough to gain their support & understanding - you don't necessarily need to tell them any more. Read some tips for partners of Cialis users on how to cope.

Impotence Treatments
But there is some good news in all this despondency. Paradoxically, the worse erectile dysfunction becomes, the more likely the male sufferer is to get better with available medicinal treatments. Doctors are able to prescribe anti impotence drugs, which aren't addictive, these aren't usually sedating, and which begin to work in as little as 20 to 50 minutes.

Psychological treatment for erectile dysfunction, such as counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy can be very effective against the condition, not only in healing ed, but also in preventing the illness from becoming a problem. These 'psychological treatments' work well alongside proven medicines like Cialis or Viagra.