This article tells about erectile dysfunction, what it is, why it occurs, the symptoms of impotence to which physicians treat, which studies take place, and of course how to treat erectile dysfunction.

1. Erectile dysfunction (impotence) - what is it?

Many believe that erectile dysfunction - it impotence. If a man suffers from impotence, it can not perform sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is due to problems in achieving an erection. During the excitement begins to flow to the penis blood. Arteries narrow, the body is in a state of ischemia. The blood begins to gather in the so-called lacunae, that causes erections.

2. The causes of erectile dysfunction.

Because of what erectile dysfunction?
Erectile dysfunction can begin to develop because of psychological and organic causes. Organic usually referred to:
  • Problems with the endocrine system, decrease the activity of sex glands and the hormone testosterone. In this case, erectile dysfunction is accompanied by a change in voice, obesity, reduced facial hair growth. It can also be caused by pituitary tumor, which begins to secrete prolactin. This hormone has a negative effect on erections.

  • The substances and medications that cause erectile dysfunction. It's not just alcohol and drugs, and drugs that affect the central nervous system (hlorapamin and imipramine), drugs that lower pressure (metiodofa and clonidine), hormonal drugs (estrogen), antihistamines (diphenhydramine).

  • Sclerotherapy of cavernous bodies - the gaps that are filled with blood during erection. This condition leads to replacement of elastic tissue fibrioznymi, which is why there is no erection.

  • Neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, trauma of the brain and spinal cord, can cause erectile dysfunction.

  • Vascular causes of impotence are the most common. They have a connection with the violation of the blood flow through the vessels and arteries and veins of bad blocking, which prevents an erection last long. Patients suffering from hypertension and diabetes, often erectile dysfunction. In most cases, once the patient suffers from impotence and the prostate. The main cause of the disease - stress and depression. Sometimes inflammation of the prostate gland has an effect on the nerves that affect the erection.
Impotence may occur for several reasons, most important not to lock myself in and not stay alone with the problem. You need to undergo a full examination by specialists.
More common psychological erectile dysfunction. It has a direct relationship with persistent stressful situations, depression, faced by a person before having sex (an incompatibility of interests, pregnancy, partner's infection and so on). The main indicator of psychological erectile dysfunction is that the man masturbating and this morning he had an erection.

Factors that increase the risk of erectile dysfunction
In order to minimize the risk of erectile dysfunction and to prevent the disease, it is necessary to live a regular sex life, to live a healthy life, to live without abstinence and excess, carefully read the annotation to medication. If you have any problems with the genitourinary system must seek the help of urologist, to control blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

3. The main symptoms of impotence?
Erection problems in most cases temporary. The signs of impotence or erectile dysfunction, usually referred: the lack of morning erection, the inability to even get an erection during masturbation.

4. By the way physicians treat and which to pass examinations in the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction?

Originally physician interrogates the patient to make sure that the ailment was formed not on psychological grounds. He went on to examine the genitals and not pay attention to hair growth and anatomical changes. In some cases, experts advise to carry out rectal examination the prostate. By laboratory methods of diagnosing erectile dysfunction include: semen analysis, an analysis of secretion of the prostate. It should also be a blood hormones. Your doctor may carry out a pharmacological test, which will provoke an erection by injection of the drug. Necessary to do ultrasound of vessels of the penis. Farmakokavernozagrafiya - helps to assess the condition of the corpora cavernosa, and evaluate the state of muscle electromyography. In some cases the correct diagnosis of sclerosing used tissue biopsies.

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