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Recent thought and media hype on Cialis and (tadalafil) Generic Cialis has been a real eye-opener for society, with men from young to old. If doctors today have a favourite pill for erectile dysfunction, it is surely cialis. The 1tadalafil site aims to shed new light on Cialis, whilst allowing You to buy cialis at the LOWEST prices, improve erectile function and understand the drugs 36 hour momentum.

One quote comes instantly to mind when examining Cialis. We mean of course the words of popular U.S. medical journalist Mike Dickinson  'I demand Cialis, I demand sexual freedom, nothing more nothing less.' One must argue that his insight into cialis provided the inspiration for these great words. Perhaps the word which best sums up the importance today of cialis to our male society is '36 hours of Freedom'. Today millions of men like Mike buy Cialis simply because it quickly helps them to improve erectile function as well as confront and master the inevitable crises of sexual impotence.

Why is Cialis so popular?
Unlike other a few other oral treatments for impotence, Cialis is never affected by the intake of alcohol or food. In studies Cialis and Generic Cialis were found to improve erections in 82% of U.S. men who had previously experienced some or other degree of impotence, with 76% of intercourse attempts proving successful. A Huge matter of frustration for men who experience impotence is that their sexual activity has to be planned around the medication they take. Cialis (Tadalafil, Generic Cialis, Brand Apcalis) has very limited side effects if any and most men that buy it have experienced none at all. Why is Cialis so popular? Why do so many men buy Cialis?.. you may enquire, Simply because there are other erectile dysfunction pills on the world market but the experts all believe that Cialis is a step above the rest of the erectile dysfunction treatments.

Cialis is similar to Viagra in the results achieved but works differently.
Taken orally as an erectile dysfunction medication, Viagra is digested and typically begins to work in 25 to 60 minutes. When the active ingredients (sildenafil citrate) travel in the bloodstream to a male's genitalia, blood vessels of a male who is sexually stimulated are induced to fill the erectile chambers of his penis.

Cialis differs with Sildenafil (Brand Viagra) in that the drug was developed & intended by medical researchers to work much faster than Viagra, perhaps in 18 to 30 minutes. It is also taken orally, and its active chemical (tadalafil) influences the the flow of blood to the penis. In a comparison study of Cialis vs Viagra, the new anti-impotence pill appeared to have the edge over competitor drug Viagra. Research shows that effective impotence treatments like Tadalafil - Generic Cialis can help members of all racial, ethnic, and cultural groups.

Before making a decision on whether or not to authorize Cialis (Generic Cialis) for public use, officials of the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) had to conduct a complete review of the Cialis researchers suggestions and the study data compiled during the testing phase.
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